"It's up there with the best science fiction I've ever read. The cliff-hanger at the end is great."
"There's a film or two in there waiting to get out!"


The Caves of Vaikandor


Five years on:
Faster-than-light travel between Earth and nearby stars is now a reality. A small group of scientists have established a base on a planet orbiting a star almost twenty light years from home.
There seem to be no other intelligent lifeforms on this new planet...but appearances can be very deceptive. What IS clear is that life on Vaikandor has evolved along quite different lines from life on Earth.
Whilst the exodus from Earth continues in various directions, and whilst those who remain get to work restoring their over-exploited world, the scientists and colonists on this newly-settled exoplanet seek to address various burning questions in relation to their new home:
WHY is the nature of life on this planet so similar - and yet so different?
HOW to counter a threat that could destroy the first extrasolar settlement at any time?
WHERE are the mysterious beings who play such a key part in the scheme of things? WHAT is the unfathomable secret of the caves of Vaikandor?
(And, just in passing, HOW and WHERE can a man - or a girl - FLY?)
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