"Very much enjoyed Eden's Children. My first ever sci-fi novel, and wow, what science - mind-blowing but credible. Inspiring and very timely, I feel."
"A very impressive read. Exemplary for academic argument. I think you could have a good trilogy here."
"You made a first class job of explaining [scientific] concepts. The characters are very sympathetic to our modern youth. I eagerly await the sequel."


Eden's Children


The year:
2038 (though it could almost be tomorrow)
The issue:
The search for alternative energy sources is becoming ever more intense. At the same time scientists are striving for deeper understanding of the physical realm, working at the very frontiers of knowledge. The world's crust is being subjected to ever-greater stresses from a variety of experimental undertakings. Climate change is threatening the very existence of life on Earth.
A small group of university students, concerned at how much more the planet can take, embark on a radical strategy aimed at relieving the pressure.
Some might even say it's out of this world.
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