"Just amazed at the huge scope of creative ideas - and in such detail - backed by scientific knowledge of feasibility and astrophysical data."
"It's the first instalment of the real Hitch-hikers guide to the Galaxy! but more fact than fiction!"
"You are a true visionary."


Signs and Wonders


Mankind is intrinsically anthropocentric: many of us see ourselves as the very top of the evolutionary tree - and not just here on Earth. In the BBC TV series 'Human Universe', in October 2014, one highly respected scientific authority stated: "We are unique" [referring to likelihood of intelligent life in our galaxy].         Really??
Thankfully, mankind is also intrinsically inquisitive, and adventurous. The urge to 'boldly go' is a key part of human nature. So it is with the second generation of humans on Vaikandor. There are other suns, other worlds to explore - and who knows what exotic lifeforms, what bizarre natural phenomena, they might find there?
It's said that travel broadens the mind. Certainly travel through systems of binary stars, red dwarfs, yellow sub-giants would hold plenty to broaden any mind. Not least, conditions under which life could exist, and in what forms, were all set for a major rethink (without in any way compromising well-recognised scientific principles).
Travel with the intrepid crew of Beagle III and let your own mind be broadened by their amazing experiences. Share some of the myriad scenarios potentially waiting to be discovered, awesome works of art from a natural scientific palette that knows no bounds.
And much, much more...
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