The Vaikandor Trilogy takes you on a journey from an overstretched, overburdened Earth to the beginning of
Mankind's destiny among the stars. A journey full of amazing experiences, awesome discoveries, incredible worlds.
A journey made all the more believable by a wealth of well-verified science supporting those discoveries, those worlds.

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Former University & Research Institute staff member; Former government scientist; Author/broadcaster; international recording artist

Eden's Children: Follow the exploits of a small group of science students as they up their game from Rag Week to Relativity, then (with a little help from their friends) merge quantum physics with consciousness science to crack the secret of faster-than-light interstellar travel. But spanning the light years between the stars isn't all plain sailing.
"Very much enjoyed Eden's Children. My first ever sci-fi novel, and wow, what science - mind-blowing but credible. Inspiring and very timely, I feel." "A very impressive read. Exemplary for academic argument. I think you could have a good trilogy here." "You made a first class job of explaining [scientific] concepts. The characters are very sympathetic to our modern youth. I eagerly await the sequel." "I really enjoyed the first book, brilliant concept and execution. Looking forward to the next two."

The Caves of Vaikandor: We all know what life is - don't we?? See how the first exoplanetary settlers encounter, and respond to, a variety of remarkable situations and equally remarkable beings. "Expect the unexpected" - with no shortage of credible science and out-of-this-world action to hold you gripped from the first page to the last...
"It's up there with the best science fiction I've ever read. The cliff-hanger at the end is great." "There's a film or two in there waiting to get out!"

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Signs and Wonders: Travel with the second generation of star-hopping explorers on their mind-blowing voyage of discovery. Watch the human race make contact with creatures and intelligences inhabiting other worlds orbiting other suns in our corner of the galaxy. Be prepared to have any preconceived ideas blown out of the water!
"Just amazed at the huge scope of creative ideas - and in such detail - backed by scientific knowledge of feasibility and astrophysical data." "It's the first instalment of the real Hitch-hikers guide to the Galaxy! but more fact than fiction!" "You are a true visionary."

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Background picture: Globular Star Cluster NGC1466 [Hubble Space Telescope (NASA, ESA)]
Cover pictures: Eden's Children, The Caves of Vaikandor - Andrew Forrest []; Signs and Wonders - Grahame Blackwell